The Archive of correspondence comprises paper or microfilm copies of the letters to and from Verdi, catalogued chronologically and by correspondent. The archive, which contains over 28,000 documents, serves as the basis for the publication of the critical edition of the composer’s correspondence. The entire collection and its catalogue have been digitally transferred and may be consulted at the Istituto.
The Istituto also owns the autographs of some 150 letters from Verdi to Arrigo Boito, donated by Leonardo Albertini and Elena Carandini Albertini, descendants of Boito’s heirs, as well as other autograph documents of Verdi and others, connected in various ways to the Maestro’s work.

The Archive of correspondence is open to the public by appointment.

Photo gallery :

Letters to Arrigo Boito:
- 29 marzo 1862
- 8 gennaio 1881
- 24 gennaio 1881
- 6 luglio 1889
- 8 aprile 1898

Letter to Giulio Ricordi