The library collection specializes in 19th century opera and music in general, with particular emphasis on the life and work of Giuseppe Verdi. Comprising circa 16,000 volumes, it is divided into the following sections:
- orchestral scores (including critical editions) piano scores and vocal scores of Verdi’s operas;
- librettos of the operas of Verdi and of other 19th century composers;
- orchestral scores and vocal scores of other composers (including the critical editions of the operas of Bellini, Berlioz, Donizetti, Rossini, Wagner, and Weber);
- 500 rare vocal scores of donated by Scalvini;
- literary sources of Verdi’s operas;
- books on Verdi;
- books on other 19th century composers;
- histories and chronologies of opera theaters;
- general music history;
- history of opera;
- books on set design;
- 19th century literary texts;
- 19th century plays;
- books and documents about 19th century history;
- musical and musicological periodicals;
- reference works (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.);
- program books.

The library catalogues can be consulted on line at the Italian National Library Service site, Parma Branch:


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